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Ash has worked as a freelance DOP / Lighting Cameraman with his own camera & sound gear or fully crewed location / studio setups for over 25 years - filming Broadcast & Branded Content Productions.

Very experienced technically using sliders, gimbals, steadicam, jibs and can source any specialized equipment from an extensive list of equipment rental houses.

Accomplished across multiple genres: Entertainment, Drama Documentary, Factual / documentary, Branded Content & Commercials and in environments from jungles in Borneo and Madagascar to the deserts of the Kalahari in South Africa and Kuwait.

Ash has Camera Supervised and Directed a number of multi-cam productions and has also worked on a number of high profile 360 / VR / CGI green screen projects.

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If you are looking to crew up a larger bunch of (very friendly!) freelancers who are passionate about filming, Ash can advise and source the perfect crew and equipment for your production. 

Highly driven and hugely experienced professionals that are ready to dedicate their time, specialty and expertise to create beautiful films, with LOTS of experience travelling and filming across the globe!

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